Friday, February 13, 2009

What Is BOA Exactly

Today I'd succeed to submit my BOA to the general office before the office hour end (before 5 pm lah). What a relief I feel after that. It's not easy man to do that kinda thing alone. It's so tiring plus confusing.

After did the photostatting things, I had to tagging + paging + typing the outline of the submission and of course I'd spent lots of money to make the 3 copies of this stuff. 1 for me - the appellant, 1 for Ketty - the respondent and another copy for Madam as the judge.

BOA stands for bundle of authority which means a compilation of the most binding authorities that I found during my legal research that I'll refer to during my submission. It consist of statutes, cases and treaties. Madam did not limit on how many relevant sources that I have to put in there so I just had 3 sources for each.

But after submitted it, I realized that there're too many mistakes that I did. So many typos plus wrong tagging n after I double-checked, the case that I referred to seems irrelevant to the present case. But, it's already in the office. I just need to pray that Madam didn't deducts my mark for every single mistake.

So, done with BOA. The mooting day will be held on the next Wednesday. I need to prepare myself and the script. Hope that I can submit well for my client. All the best Mili. =)

.This is how my BOA looks like.

*All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better you feel*
.Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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