Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oh Mona Lisa!

The Ballad Of Mona Lisa is the first single from Panic! At The Disco's third album, Vices&Virtues and currently this song with the video clip be my favourite of all time. Raped the replay button. Haha. =)

1:40 is the cutest part.

She paints her fingers with a close precision
He starts to notice empty bottles of gin
And takes a moment to assess the sin she’s paid for
A lonely speaker in a conversation
Her words are swimming through his ears again

There’s nothing wrong with just a taste of what you paid for

Say what you mean tell me I'm right 
And let the sun rain down on me 
Give me a sign I wanna believe

Whoa Mona Lisa you’re guaranteed to run this town
Whoa Mona Lisa I’d pay to see you frown

He senses something call it desperation 
Another dollar another day
And if she has the proper words to say she’d tell him
But she’d have nothing left to sell him

Mona Lisa wear me out
Pleased to please ya
Mona Lisa wear me out

If you really concentrate while watching the video, you must have realize that there are #6 rules in the video. The step is a traditional Irish wake for funeral because the video is taken place in the Victorian era.
#Funeral Rules:
#1: Open a window.
#2: Close it two hours later.
#3: Stop all clocks and cover all mirrors.
#4: Bathe the body.
#5: Lay the body in white.
#6: Allow the people to wail and lament.
Brendon and the band were singing at the funeral. It was Brendon's funeral because he'd dead murdered by Mary, his lover. He was poisoned by her. So, he takes on the persona of the ghost when he has no hat on with ugly teeth and haunts the funeral. Mary didn't want to be caught so she did the 6 #rules to cover up and for people not to notice that she was the one who killed him.

There's one little girl there, who's the only one can sees him (the ghost), and he realizes this, so he tells her that he had a note in his pocket saying who murdered him; "Mary did it". I believe that this little girl is Mona Lisa because he sings "Mona Lisa wear me out" to the little girl. So, Mary's cover was blown up, that's why people tried to catch her with a net gun and burn her. In the end, Mary ended up in ashes (as seen in Brendon's eyes)

I also think that this video is the continuation of "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" because it starts with a dusty benches and the hat in this video is the same from that video in the church.  The place is the same but with different story.

By reading the video comments, I found out, not only me, but many people also think that Mary really looks alike Katy Perry and Zoey Deschanel. Like seriously the same. They are like triple twins. Hihi.

This is Misty Rose a.k.a. Mary
Now please tell me that Mary, Katy and Zoey face look really similar. ;)

I really love this song because I think Mary's character somehow has something to do with me just on some part sometimes. Wuhuu. Some some some.

I didn't know why I am so curious to know about the meaning of this video clip, so I found in FueledByRamen channel; "beyond the video" of this song which makes me more understand on what is really happening in the video and what this song is all about.

I'm not really interested with their song before this but right now it seems like they're gonna be my favourite. Thumbs up Panic! At The Disco. Brendon Urie is so hot by the way. ;p

PS: Lets #prayforJapan and hope that everything gonna be okay really really soon.


  1. yes!Mary, Katy and Zoey sgt same ok muka diorg..haha..tah2 kembar tpisah kot...~_~

  2. @lynn

    hahaha. kan kan?sangatlah serupa muka diorang ber3. paling suka zoey sbb baju dia sgt sopan. <3

  3. panic! at the disco..AWESOME! Tak tau pun lagu2 dia ada maksud tersirat..kalau saye tengk langsung tak faham pun sebenarnye T__T

  4. mary tu macam muka dia macam ashley greene yg jd alice dlm twilight series tu pun ada jgak~~ hehe :P

  5. @bazilah

    haha.i first time dgr terus rase cm best je lagu ni berusaha cari maksud tersirat.gila gigih.heee -.-

  6. @mayam

    muke ashley grene sbnr xbpe ade. muke alice tu ade sikit lah tp mcm more tu zoey n katy kan. heh ;)

  7. heyya,
    ni first time I datang blog U.
    Menggoda betul cerita ni. wajib tonton!

  8. @asybedazzle

    yeah hoping things gonna be better soon


    video clip lagu panic je bukan cite sgt pun.heh

  9. 1. ye muka sama..
    2. lagu ni memang saya suka tambah2 vid clip dia..
    3. mili , awak ke miss K yang tulis entri troll boy tu? kalau ye memang best lah.. :)

  10. macam poem death on the opposite house.

    zaman sekolah dulu... haha

  11. @mainur

    memang sama kan?heee.tak saya bukan mrs K tu ;p


    ha'ah lah kan.ada sikit.aku baru teringat ;)


    haha.kau jangan nak fokus kat gambar tu sgt la weh :D

  12. Lot of Panic! fans thought Mary was Brendon's girlfriend. Try google sarah orzechowski. See who looks moar like Mary..

  13. @anonymous

    sarah orzechowski, wow, what a name. i thought mary was brendon's gf? so not? so this sarah is his gf lah? wowww :D thankss anyway


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