Thursday, December 24, 2009

Actually I Don't Want To Become A Lawyer

Regarding my previous post, about the layman's perception towards lawyer, I think many of you didn't get what is the message that I want to deliver. But it's okay.

I agree to some of you who said usually lawyer always use some dirty tricks to win the case, so that will make the lawyer a bad person. But, still you don't have the right to judge a lawyer based on their client.

For example, you have been caught red-handed. You killed someone and you admit guilty. You have confess that you are guilty but none of the lawyer want to represent for you in court. Can you submit the evidence by yourself in court? Can you bring witnesses by yourself? NO, that's why you need lawyer. Not to defend you but to represent you in court.

Later, in court, judge will hear submission from both; prosecutor and your lawyer. Then, it's the job for the judge to decide. If the judge held that you are innocent while he knows that you are wrong, then it is the judge fault, not the lawyer. And if the judge decided that you are guilty, do you think the prosecutor will be so happy?

Okay. Whatever it is. I'm not gonna say anything. I think I don't want to become a lawyer. There're lots of branch relating to law, not only lawyers. Plus syariah lawyer would also be the same. I just brought up this issues for those who wants to become a lawyer, not for me. I hope so.

There are lots of option. Doesn't mean that if you study law, you must become a lawyer. What about lecturer, researcher, legal advisor, businessman, housewife, and so many other choices depends on the person preferences. After all, life is not all about taking the same path like others. There is "ROAD NOT TAKEN". Huhu. :)

"Innocent until proven guilty"

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lawyer Tu Jahat Kalau Dia Bawa Kes Untuk Orang yang Bersalah

Let's say, if you are a lawyer

Say YES. I will present for you in court.

Say YES. I will present for you in court.

Say YES. I will present for you in court.

Why should you blame the lawyer. He has nothing to do in deciding the case.


Biasa dengar kan anggapan orang, kalau dalam sesuatu kes di mahkamah, lawyer yang bawa kes untuk tertuduh/defendan dianggap jahat. Sebabnya dia cuba membela orang yang salah. Kira macam nak cakap lawyer tu bersubahat sebab bela orang jahat. Lepas tu mak bapak lawyer tu pun akan marah dia sebab buat sesuatu yang salah. Tipikalnya memang macam tulah selalu.

Sebenarnya tanggapan tu salah. Cuba tengok contoh yang aku dah lukiskan tu. Antara doktor dan lawyer. Kalau lawyer di-blame sebab bawak kes untuk pesalah, doktor pun patut di-blame sebab selamatkan pembunuh.

Dan seorang lawyer yang bagus takkan bias dalam pilih client dia. Contohnya bila kes 3 orang India tu, dia taknak bawa tapi kes pakcik dia, dia nak. Tak boleh macam tu. Aku dapat gambaran benda ni dari lecturer aku, Prof As-Sagoff.

Rasa-rasa macam faham tak apa yang aku cuba nak sampaikan? Kalau korang punya persepsi terhadap lawyer sebelum ni adalah seperti apa yang aku cakap, sila ubah persepsi tu sebabnya tanggapan tu salah.