Sunday, January 16, 2011

3 Magic Words: Please, Thank You and Sorry

There are 3 words that we know them as MAGIC. They are Please, Thank You and Sorry. These words are magic because they can make the other person who speaks to us feel better when we use these words.

1) Please - always use this word when asking someone to do something for you. 
2) Thank you - always say this to anyone who has done a favour for you. 
3) Sorry - always remember to apologize whenever you did any kind of mistake

But if you want the magic works when using these words, you have to be humble when you use them and feel them through your heart. If you say Sorry, Thank You and Please; but in a sarcastic way, or you are not really meant your word, then the magic not really gonna work.

If you ever watched Nanny McPhee movie, you must have been familiar with these words because in this movie, Nanny McPhee teaches the kids to behave in a good way and Nanny McPhee will disappears after they learnt the lesson of the magic words. Even my lecturer also tell us about this in class. In Parenting class also, the very same way to teach the kids to be good is by teaching them to use these 3 words because they can absorb things easily at their age.

From "Nanny McPhee" movie.

So, for those who never use these 3 magic words before, Please start today. Better late than never. Thank You for reading this entry. I'm Sorry if there's any word that might offended anybody. People usually need reminder in order to realize their mistakes. Right? In Malay, we also can use these magic words like Tolong, Terima Kasih dan Maaf. =)

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

11-1-11 : Nurul Iman's 4th Birthday

She is my niece. I think the closest one because we spent lots of time together when I'm home. And right now I really miss her. She just starts to go to kindergarten this year and my mom said that she really loves her school. Good one Nurul Iman. You are a smart and good girl. I will always love you. Hope that when you already learn to read, you can read my blog and read what I blogged about you. Hihi.

She shares her birthday date with Siti Nurhaliza also today. Please grow up very soon. I will bring her some cupcakes when I go back for my holiday the next two weeks. Can't wait anymore. By the way, enjoy the video of her. Daaaa. =)