About Milimilo

Hai my name is Mili (ميلي) (밀 리) I was born on August 16, 1989. I'm a law graduate from AIKOL IIUM. Maknae in the family. Shorty and petite. Introvert. But I enjoy outdoor activities sometimes. I love babies and cats. ♥ I like green and red colour most of the time. But other colours are fine also. =)

I love writing. And I always wrote in a very longggg sentences. Usually I wrote about myself and about other people that I found interesting and inspiring. I also like to share my thoughts/opinions about current issues or any topics that I like. I also love to doodle and do some random arts. 

I'm a Muslim by blood and trying to be a Muslim by faith too. In the stage of improving to be better day by day to go back to fitrah. Always craving for inspirations and motivations. Trying to love everything for the sake of Allah. LillahiTaala. And trying to live according to the Sunnah of the beloved Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. InsyaAllah.

Thank you for reading. May Allah give HIS blessing to everyone here. =)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

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  1. chumil...like ur nickname...milimilo....easy to pronounce compare ti militehO...haha =D


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