Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Final Year

Assalamualaikum. So today has been a month since the new semester begun. Time flies so fast. Whew. And here comes my final year. Just 1 more semester left next year and soon enough I’ll graduate from IIUM. Hmm, I still feel like my first year has passed not so long ago. And there were few people who didn't believe that I'm already in my final year. Yeah, I know. I wish I look more mature.

I’m sure when the time comes where I need to leave this student life and start a new life, I’m gonna miss everything here in IIUM. Despite anything bad people said about IIUM, I still find that this campus is the best. Eventhough there are some not-so-good things that happened, I’m not gonna cloud my judgement. Flaws like that can be improve, soon insyaAllah. Like what I had wrote here; #UIABest. And I’m so grateful for the opportunities that I got to study here, in one of the best law school, Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws.

The very one thing I like the most here is everytime before we start the class, the lecturer will remind the students to recite Surah Al-Fatihah and also after the class had finish, we end it with Surah Al-‘Asr and Tasbih Kafarah. The very simple thing yet so significant with the Islamization target that IIUM wants to achieve. And also, everyday at 8.30 in the morning, there will be recitation of Asmaul Husna playing from IIUM mosque.

The environment in IIUM is the best, with the International students from all over the world. I really love it when I got the chance to interact with International students. They are just different with us, Malaysian. I don’t know, well maybe they are more friendly and lovely and pretty and being extra nice. During #UmmaticWeek is the best chance to get to know them. =)

Now I’m in Semester 7 already, hopefully I can survive well. For a student like me, who is not so bright, this semester is tough. I think the toughest one. I’m not sure yet what I’m gonna do after my graduation. I envy those of my friends who can confidently said that they gonna be a lawyer like Harvey Specter. But me? Sigh.

My schedule for Monday and Thursday class is quite pack. I need to manage time properly. So that I can perform Zuhr prayer and I can have lunch properly. If not, I need to skip lunch. Or instead, I just need to puasa sunat. Whatever it is, I can’t skip Zuhr for having lunch. How to have a blissful life if the very important thing like prayer been taken for granted, right?

So far, I love all my lecturers for this semester. There is one class that I feel so nervous everytime before I enter the class. I can’t be normal when I’m nervous. But the key to overcome the nervous is preparation. If I’m well prepared before the class, only then I can feel confident and not nervous.

In Jurisprudence class, my lecturer, Dr. Iqbal reminds us that wherever we go, we must have discipline. Without that, we can’t succeed. And also we must know what is the purpose of studying. “Don’t be a ZOMBIE!” he said when he saw his students' lack of passions in class. The determination to succeed must go beyond everything. And if we are lack of motivation, we need to find one, The One.

Have you heard about the controversy in IIUM during our campus election on 25th September? No? Yes? Well. Actually, before this I didn’t really care about the elections. I’m just not interested. But since this year gonna be my last experience to vote, I’m a little bit excited with #PRKUIAM2012.

But my excited had been ruined when suddenly we got the news that there were some problems with E-Voting system. So, there was no result. Aiyoo. So, the re-election been held on 2nd October using manual voting system (paper and pen). So, when the result came out, the headline in the news was like this, “Pro-M makes clean sweep in UIA” or “Pro-Mahasiswa Tawan UIAM 2 Oktober 2012”. It means that Pro-Aspirasi lost.

From what I understood, Pro-M is the oppositions while Pro-A is the government. But what I don’t understand is that, what is the need to label pro this and that? Why corrupt the campus elections? And we as the voters, seriously don’t even know who are the representatives for Pro-M and who are the representatives for Pro-A. We just vote the one that seems sophisticated, muka penuh iman or maybe the one that we know?

Because they didn’t told us about pro this and that before we cast our votes, so students had a very complex way of voting. And if we voted one from Pro-A and the other one from Pro-M, no one can blame us because we seriously don’t know how to recognize the representative.

And after the campus elections had finish, are the students happy? What's the reason to be happy? I just hope that those who got elected, will be responsible and not just did something for the sake to win the election. Walk the talk bro, walk the talk.

The 28th IIUM Convocation Fiesta seems to be the last Convest for me. Being a final year student means everything has to come to an end. So insyaAllah next year on 29th Convest, will be my convocation day. Finally. Excited and nervous a little bit. What if I didn't manage to graduate on time? :'( I hope everything will be going on smoothly. For Stabaz, everything was great. It was more meriah than Jalan TAR. And what I love the most is "dragon fruit ice blended" for RM3. So yummy and so worth it. :D

There are things that I wish to do but I didn't get the chance to do. Or I got the chance but I waste it. Now I'm already in my final year. I hope I will not regret so much.

☐ Subuh prayer in IIUM Mosque
☐ Cycling around campus
☐ Drive my own car around campus
☐ Swimming
☐ Futsal-ing
☐ Dancing
☐ Join exchange student program
☐ Join Law & Society
☐ Join Weekenders
☐ Join debate
☐ Get scholarship
☐ Donate blood

“I don’t regret things I’ve done. I regret the things I didn't do when I had a chance.” -tumblr


  1. tahniah akak comel!!
    nnti dah keja boleh minta akak belaja makan or kopakkan duit akak gi shopping..LOL..
    hehehe...I'm just kidding!
    btw, akak...
    keep striving yeah!

  2. good luck and see u next year bero kikiki

  3. akak saya ada tag nama akak dalam blog saya.. klau sudi baca laa..

    Thanks..meh kiss pipi sikit..muahhh kanan..muahh kiri.. ^___^

  4. alahaiiii..kakak senior ni.omeynyeeeee..hehehe.

    kakakkecik! all the best for your final year! semoga sukses dan cemerlang dunia akhirat.aminnnnn.. :)

  5. Yeah I love IIUM too!

    By the way good luck for your final year. Insyaallah you'll be one of the award receivers on the convocation. Amiin~ ^_^

    I am gonna miss The Garden of Knowledge and Virtue. =.='

  6. good luck kak mili dear !

    naty daa kejaa , mohon belanjaaaaaaaaa , heheeww :P

  7. selamat jaya dengan jayanya..!

    comel lotey table tu ye..hehe

  8. dah final ke? HAHAHAHAHA. MMG MACAM foundation je comel lagi! good luck akak!

  9. assalamualaikum, hye.
    slm perkenalan ^_^
    umur brapa? dh sem brape.. ?
    tetibe terjumpe ur blog, n seronok baca ^_^

  10. teroskan liku2 kehidupan sbgai final year na. masa yg perlu dihayati. :)

    nnt dah kje elok bleh la dtg minang eden ni ha.. :p

  11. All the Best ya! Still remember waktu gathering geng blogger then 2009 kalau xsilap :p terjumpa Kay surau solat maghrib...


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