Sunday, December 23, 2012

#AFFSuzukiCup 2012 - Wrap Up

We are the champions – my friends, 
And we’ll keep on fighting – till the end, 
We are the champions 
We are the champions 
No time for losers 
'Cause we are the champions – of the world   

It has been a while since I wrote about football. The first time I wrote about football was last year in the post: 

People always said that girls watched football just for the sake of handsome players. Well maybe. I admit mostly were like that but not all girls, okay? There were some guys who didn’t like football at all also. Doesn't mean that we cannot become the supporters right? At least I know few things about football. I’d read the book “Football For DUMMIES”. LOL. XD

Last night was the end of AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 when Singapore won over Thailand with 3-2 aggregate. And that was the record of fourth time for them. So the best team in Asean for this year got USD200,000. WOW. They deserve the trophy. Congratsssssss Lions!!!

The Lions. I just love the fact that Singapore’s goalkeeper always covering his aurah (from navel to knee – the part that should be covered as Muslim man) Hihihi.

The War Elephants. Oh dear Kawin Thamsatchanan , some people made really bad jokes about your name. So sorry.

The Malayan Tigers. Roarrrrr. Eventhough Malaysia didn't manage to maintain our record as Champion in AFF Suzuki Cup 2010, it's okay. Let's hope for the best in AFF Suzuki Cup 2014. In K. Rajagobal we believe. Eh? Not anymore?

Sports may bring people together. Sports may also bring people apart. The choice is in our hand.

Yo yo yo Mat Yo. His performance was very good in Tigers team. Oh ya, my lecturer once said in class, 'if a guy plays football and loves music, go get him. Because he is full with courage and peace.' Football = courage. Music = peace. Hehe. *This is merely a statement that does not have anything to do with Mat Yo*

Being a footballer is different from being a celebrity. If the players didn't perform in any game or lack of skills, people will easily change their attention. There are ups and downs in football. But the loyal supporters will always give the best support and hope for the best in their favourite player/team.

During this year match, I've seen there were very impressive performances from Harimau Muda A players: Fadhli Shas, Wan Zack Haikal and Mahalli Jasuli. And also Farizal Marlias is a very good goalkeeper. He hugged the ball as if he didn't want to let it go. LOL. As for Safiq Rahim, there were many comments about him being a errrr not-so-good captain. :/

My lecturer also told us in class that, if possible, there were some football teams that we didn't want to be defeated in any match. For example, the match between Malaysia against Indonesia or Singapore because we will  feel very disappointed if we lost against them. But we didn't feel that bad if we lost against Thailand or Laos or Philippines  It's like a rivalry in sports in these countries also:

England vs Scotland 
Brazil vs Argentina
Columbia vs Venezuela
Algeria vs Egypt
Turkey vs Greece

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So yeah, what will happen to our national football team? We didn't manage to maintain the title from 2010 to this year. Maybe we can get it back in 2014. And what about the coach? Is it K. Rajagobal will maintain his position or maybe the Young Tigers's coach, Ong Kim Swee will replace him? We will know this sooner for sure from FAM. Let's hope for the best for our team. Till then. Assalamualaikum.


  1. Rajagopal has been confirmed to coach Malaysia until the following tournament (Asian Cup)

  2. Harimau Malaya always in my heart ;)

  3. nice entry. tak bosan baca :)

    byk faktor HM kalah. one of it of course la reff senget sebelah tu, tp tu bkn main point nya. byk lg blh kaji . huhu.

    sy mmg minat bola bkn sbb player. eh dl ye la. hihi. skng tgk mmg sbb bola. dan mcm lelaki pn ade ni. hee. fadhli shah pn hensem jgk. #eh? hha.

    tetap sokong HM even tak menang pn. hihi.


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