Friday, February 18, 2011

HIMYM: It's gonna be LEGEN wait for it DARY

During my last mid-break, I've been spending almost half of the break by watching the series: How I Met Your Mother from Season 1 until Season 6. Full marathon. And it's kind of worth watching though. Seriously, I'd been wondering, when is "your mother" are gonna come out. Ted has been dating so many girls, and he only gives some hint (yellow umbrella) about their mother. I bet not only me, but many people also been wondering, who is Ted's wife actually.

How I Met Your Mother (2005-present) is a story about friendship between five people; Ted Mosby, Marshall Eriksen, Lily Aldrin, Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky who been friends until forever and always hang out at McClarens sitting at the same booth. The most hilarious among them, of course its Barney Stinson who always claims himself being AWESOME. Seriously, without Barney, maybe I'm not even interested in watching this series. Although sometimes Barney might be a little bit of annoying but still kind of love him that way. =)

There are some episodes that getting my attention because they are so funny. Some that I wanna share here.

In Spoiler Alert - 3x08. This episode kind of interesting since it's name "spoiler alert". It's about annoying habits among five of them. Spoiler alert means that you never notice the annoying habit before someone tells you. It's kind of hard to ignore the annoying habit of someone when it's already been pointed out to you. It's like all the good illusion shattered when you realize there's a little annoying thing about the person that you never realize before but now, it's bugging you.
Lily - chew loudly while eat (chewbacca)
Ted - mr. corrector (always correcting people's grammar)
Robin - use the word "literally" in every sentence
Marshall - singing about what he do all the time (apple orchard banana cat dance 8663)
Barney - sometimes talk in high-pitched voice, constantly use lame catchphrases, space out and don't even pay attention what people talking about
As for me, the most annoying people are Lily and Ted. Seriously annoyed with this kind of habits. I feel like wanna slap people like this especially people with Ted's habit. Bajet gila kadang-kadang. Hehe. Actually, when someone's bad habits are pointed out to you, it's really hard to ignore them but if you love them enough, those bad habits are easy to forget. So chill lah. =)

In Of Course - 5x18. This episode is about Lily's birthday. Lily really loves her birthday and lucky her because Marshall loves planning birthday surprises. This episode kind of the most hilarious one because Barney is so damn funny.
Lily is sthe stranger but Ted still invite her to join the shot.
It is really weird if you asked stranger to join the shot for family photo.

Lily also really loves to take the group photo but everyone actually hate Lily's group shot. Ted always brings stranger on intimate occasion between five of them, which make the group photo involve five plus "someone that Ted did not remember" a.k.a "name that bitch". And Barney has the same pose in each shot; claims that he is really really AWESOME, that is why he never has bad picture while Marshall does not take a good picture since he always close his eyes in every shot. LOL.

 It is so hilarious when Robin try to capture the ugly shot of Barney while he eats but he still looks awesome.
 Barney has the same pose since kid. Hahaha.
Marshall always close his eyes in every shot.
 And never take a good picture.
Even for wedding picture. Hihi.
 Five of them plus someone "name that bitch"
 Five of them plus someone "name that bitch"
 Five of them plus someone "name that bitch"
 Five of them plus someone "name that bitch"
 Five of them plus someone "name that bitch". Oh, behind there is SLASH.
At this time Barney was Robin's boyfriend, Lily separated them. That's why they hate group shot. ;p
Ted was angry with Lily because Lily don't want "name that bitch" in picture. Hihi.
Robin said: "Barney, there's hole on your suit" but still Barney doesn't takes bad picture. Hehek.
Finally, the wort shot of Barney. LOL

This series is really awesome and it will be my favourite series of all time. I will never miss-out any episodes. Can't wait to see what happen between Barney and Robin. Can't wait to see what happen with Lily and Marshall after they got married and have child. And lastly, can't wait to see something good happening for Ted. Yeah. This series is full with love, friendship, and many more tips about life. Love it so much. Keep on watching.

Life lessons from HIMYM =)


  1. Ya laaa. Barney bila snap pic, semua gaya pegang tie. =,=

    Hi cute milley.

  2. @rean

    haha.masa mid-break haritu aku tak dpt on9 sbb tu rajin nengok cite ni.hehek ;D

  3. @mr K

    Hihihi. kan kan. gaya dia sama je sume sbb nak ckp yg dia mmg awesome. LOL.

    Hye. (^_^)

  4. aku harap zoey tu la bini ted yg sebenar, dah lama sangat aku tunggu... kang fed up tak nak follow lagi cite tu plak, hahahha....

  5. @hanafi jaafar

    zoey kan dah kahwin dgn impossible skrg zoey dah masuk geng diorang.tak tau la kalau die cerai dgn captain ke ape nnti kan.heh.fedup gak tgu ni.lama sgt.heh ;D

  6. hehe, maaf cik mili, aku dah spoil kan sket cite tu sebab aku dah sampai episod 16...

    anyways, epsiod 15 season 6 sgt bes..

  7. @hanafi jaafar

    alaaa.episode 15 yg ada katy perry tu ke?baru tengok sampai ayah marshall mati tu.heh.xpe.minggu ni nak download smpai latest. ;D

  8. x pernah jumpa entri mcm ni, hehe rajin :P

    Terkini : Ikan Berkepala Buaya

  9. aku punye fav series nih. nak download latest series ade kat aku muzik hampa

  10. @suffer8zine

    mane boleh tak penh jumpe.ramai lg yg suke review cite2 cmni kan.heh ;)

  11. @arc

    fav aku gak slps vampire diaries.aku baru tengok dkt muzik hampa td.baru sampai 9 je ade kan.aku dh tgok sampai 14.nak yg lg latest plis.heh. ;)

  12. I really love this series! there's this one episode, duck or rabbit where the gang fought at the bar. time tu Robin sangat kelaka yang teramat. hahaha

  13. @anonymous 2;45 or rabbit episode kelakar baik rabbit jahat because rabbit is for playboy.serius lawak diorang gaduh gila2 kn.hee.last2 robin nmpk mamat tu jd duck.hihi ;p

  14. cte ni mmg best gler kn.ak salu tgk gelak2 smp kua air mate.actly dlu ak ske tgk robin couple gan ted.pastu ley lak brk,theh bley pulak couple gan barney.ahaha.
    sape la bini ted tu ek.

  15. baca post ni pun dah tersenyum sendirian. memang LAGEND lah cite nih....

  16. @anonymous 4;53

    tp masa robin dgn barney mcm best jugak sebab barney jadi sgt sweet n diorang 2-2takut dgn komitmen, n same2 keras kepala.mcm sesuai je kan.takleh blah tgok barney jd gmok.heh. bini ted zoey kot? ;p

  17. @naqib

    org yg tgok himym je yg paham post ni kot.sep sep ;D

  18. best kot crta ni... and of course barney is the most awesome..hehehe..
    glad i have gang..hehe

  19. @yuhanis

    yeay kita fact ramai gila lelaki yg perangai cm barney kan.annoying tp awesome.kih2 ;p


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