Thursday, February 19, 2009

Black And White Day

Today is the most anxious day which I had pray so much before this that I would just be invisible or just disappeared without having to do the submission in the CFS Moot Court.

I am so nervous because my opponent is Ketty which she is a debater plus she is so confident when she speaks and of course I'll look very stupid compared to her.

I wish I could run away but that's not gonna happen. When it comes to our turn just now, I just succeed fooling myself. Haha. Our class started from 4 pm and finished on 11 pm.

I only got 15 marks over 20 which I think the lowest mark in this class maybe?? It's ok. I'll make sure in Gombak, I can improve my persuasion skills and confident level. Hope so insyaAllah.

The court's language while submission is different with common languange, for example:

* much obliged Yang Arif - means thank you
*indeed Yang Arif - means yes
*i correct myself Yang Arif - means sorry
*i stand corrected - means sorry
*i afraid that i can't assist the court on that matter - means i don't know the answer

Judges are very particular with court's language and manners. You cannot use layman terms in court.

And here are some picture that  I wanna share. Till then. Daaaa :)

.Reading the script.

.The mooters.


.Meet Ketty my opponent.

.With Madam Farahizah.

.The End.

*I would rather try to persuade a man to go along, because once I have persuaded him, he will stick. If I scare him, he will stay just as long as he is scared, and then he is gone*


  1. mdm xbg judgment..xde mng kalo ikot markah,aku klh 0.5 markah dgn ketty..hihi..

  2. pape pn...
    congrate sbb da berjy hadapi mooting tue...

  3. Seragam bj k0rang ye..tmpah skali ke?haha..m0oting tu wt kt mne?c0urt?

  4. xla apis..mooting ni wat dlm clas je..huhu..baju seragam?mne de tempah..pakai sndri2 punye la..huhu

  5. kak mili kak mili.
    susah tak blaja law?

  6. cik erin syg,
    belajar ape pon belajar law seronok..byk case yg lawak2 kdg2.. :)

    nampak je hebat,tp xhebat lgsg

  7. wooaahh. cam susah je law. terbaik la kak mili :)


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