Monday, June 25, 2012

"Ahmad says..." @BrotherhoodArts: Inspiring Islamic Values through Arts and Creativity

The awesome and creative daawah arts project by:
"The company was incorporated in June 2006. The business kick starts with production of creative idea merchandises namely t-shirts and badges or any other mediums to convey Islamic and good messages.

The merchandise item portrayed Islam in colourful ways, under the brandname ‘Brotherhood Arts’ was one of the pioneers in the local market.

In the year 2009, the company expanded its offering to Creative Media Solution. The design and merchandise production can be tailor made to suit clients brand and identity."

There are other creative projects name:  

But, what I love the most is

Ahmad is a good boy that reminds us about Allah, about Islam, about how to stay positive and how to live this life according to the good Islamic values and above all, Ahmad reminds us that Islam is the best way of life. Ahmad also has a sister name Ayesha. Both of them are lovely. 
"Anything that makes you to become a better person can be consider as a good thing. :)"
I'm just like a little kid that need to be reminded everyday because sometimes when there's too much that I need to remember, I tend to forget all of them. Thanks to Ahmad with this 100 reminders. They were colourful and used simple words. So I can remember them easily. 

I also had printed out these 100 of "Ahmad says..." and put them on my wall so that I can read everytime I see them. InsyaAllah, with this reminders, I can always renew my intention. Not only me, but everyone. We aim to be a better Muslim. Biiznillah. =)

This "Ahmad Says..." project is still keep on going. May Allah grants rewards to Brotherhood Arts's team for this wonderful efforts of spreading daawah in a creative way. Remember Allah in the time of ease so that Allah will remember us in the time of hardship. ^^

Keep them coming. Let's purify our hearts. =)