Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stuff No One Told Me (But I Learned Anyway)

Hello readers. Lately, there were lots of people been asking about my tumblr url. I don't know why you really interested to know it. Well, since, I never advertise my url here, and me also tired of answering your question, so here is the url : Now are you satisfied? Hihi.

Tumblr is like the best social network that ever exist and so hard to resist as I ever said before this. It's suits your feeling well and it's kinda understand you the most and there are lots of beautiful, hilarious, fun, and some Islamic stuffs to be reblog too.

I wanna share 30 links of the tumblr page that be my favourite all the time that I guess, you guys can check them out too later. Well, don't blame me if you found them out as not interesting as I told you, because you know what, everyone has different tastes. Do I need to tell you that too? So here is the list. ^_^
and many more that eventually you'll find them while tumblr-ing =)

The luckiest number 30 is the special one that currently caught my attention. The name of the tumblr is "Stuff No One Told Me (But I Learned Anyway)"
Seriously this is amazing and I totally love it. Can check him out here too.

Some of his doodles are pretty awesome and inspired me so much. 

Trust your instincts
Fashion and trends are bullshit. Don't let them fool you.
Complaining doesn't solve anything.
Find someone with whom you can laugh about everything and the rest will be fine.
Things that are hard to say, are usually the most important
Surround yourself with things and people that inspire you.
Rushing is never a good idea.
There is always a nice way of expressing your opinion.
Don't trust people that don't trust anyone.
Good imagination is a sign of great intelligence.
You are not as weird as you think you are. Everyone feels a little different than the rest.
Sometimes, F you is the best answer, but not always... sadly.
Always be yourself, unless you are an arrogant bastard.
Some people will think that it's ok to judge you. Try not to be like them and ignore them.



  1. Hai si comel yang degil yang pendek. Senyap2 update blog ;)

  2. fuhyoo ni banyak betul..dah lame tak update tumblr huhu

  3. @mr K

    alalalalalala. ini namenye instant update. taip laju laju dan terus publish. sebab tula jadi update senyap2. wakaka :D


    silalah update tumblr anda. tp make sure dah siap sume keje baru ngadap tumblr, kang terleka sesangat. kikiki ;p

  4. hikhik woahh okay semua tumblr site yg kakmili bagi super awesome ! and ade yang tak pernah pegi jenguk lagi and bila bukak harini woahh sangat cool ! hikhik tengs kakak comel for recommend tumblr site yg best²

  5. comellll gilaa... sgtt owsemmmm siyesss

  6. Nice gilaaa lah doodle tu, wish i could create that and edit them nicely.ada minat but never put effort on it -.-

    i do have tumblr, but it never last longer.Bheheh.

  7. eh macam kenal lagi tumblr post ni. :)

    eh saya pun ada tumblr. :P

  8. @myracupcake

    ahaaaa.silelah recommend tumblr site yg best2 lg kalau ade jumpe ye. sharing is caring org kate.hehe


    kan kan awesome cam barney stinson kehkeh :D


    best yg tak terkata sampai melekakan.haha


    kan nice gila lah kan. me too. teringin gila but never put some effort. duh.

    @munsyi wajib bukak hari2.tapi dah cukup femes tak payah promot kat sini dah. :)


    ahaaaaa.yeah supermili. my own brand of superhero. :)

  9. Oh myyyy , cik milomilo comeyyy ! thankss sudi share url tumblr BEST BEST neh ! sayaaaangg awak ! :D

  10. @syahida_masri

    ahaha.harap2 link yg sy share tu byk kena dgn taste awak.heee.syggggg awak jugelah cemni :)


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